Alarm clock and coffee mug

Struggling to get started? Having a productive morning really can change your outlook for the day. Here’s some advice to set you off on the right foot.

  1. Put on some happy tunes. Music can greatly effect your mood. Pop on your favorite playlist to make those morning tasks a little easier. Scroll down to find some suggested feel good tunes.
  2. Make your bed. Making your bed is the first achievement of the day and can give the motivation to do more. Also a less cluttered room = less cluttered mind.
  3. Have a cold shower. Studies show that a cold shower in the morning has a variety of benefits as it releases endorphins, improves energy and makes you more alert. Find out more from the Ice Man himself, Wim Hof.
  4. Drink some water. It’s important to rehydrate yourself first thing as your body has gone 6-8 hours without water. A great tip is to set out a glass of water next to your bed so its right there when you wake up. If water doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s always tea or coffee.
  5. Have some breakfast. Much like the water your body will have gone without food too. A healthy but delicious can really set you up for the day by refueling your body and boosting energy levels. It’s called break-fast for a reason – something is better than nothing!

Just remember, these are just suggestions that you may find helpful. Everyone is different, try to find what works for you.


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